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Reception chairs are very crucial to give a pleasant look when put in an office, in a hospital, or in any other service organizations. They are very important for the success of the marriage functions, birthday functions, or any other similar functions. We cannot imagine a reception area without accompanying reception chairs. Let's discuss the various factors to be considered before purchasing reception chairs. We will also highlight the various types of chairs available in the market.

There are various materials in which they are manufactured. They are wood, steel, iron and plastic. The advantages of having plastic chairs are that they are economical, light weight, and they come with various colors. They also come in stackable styles and those which can be folded easily.

The first factor to be considered is expense. If we are not in a position to spend a lot for these office reception chairs then reception chairs made constructed out of metal are the best option.  Plastic chairs that can be folded are also economical but don't offer the same level of durability. Metal constructed reception chairs are more durable when compared to plastic chairs.

The next factor to be considered is comfort. When we want comfort in these chairs we have to spend more. Obviously in a place like a reception area in an office we have to spend more to make the reception chairs more comfortable and make it appear sophisticated. Chairs with cushioned seats and hand rests are the ones which are more comfortable.

Another factor to be kept in mind is the style and look. In an office reception room we have to provide chairs which are good looking and stylish. This will make the reception area look more pleasant and attractive. High end plastic chairs are usually made of wood and resin.

The last factor to be seen is the flexibility. When we are expected to have uneven strength of people every day in reception hall then we can opt for folding chairs. When we have less number of people we can fold these chairs and keep aside so that we can save lot of space in hall and this will also make the reception area appear spacious.

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